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MDG believes the integrity of any project pivots on the accuracy in its engineering design, and the drawings and documents that convey this design. To ensure the greatest degree of accuracy in its work products, MDG has developed a formal quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) process that begins with project inception and continues through all project phases to project completion. As part of this QA/QC process, MDG has developed a standards manual that details various design, calculation, and plan presentation criteria and protocols. These standards assure a consistent design philosophy and quality throughout the company. MDG has also established the position of QA/QC manager responsible for establishing and supporting the company’s QA/QC philosophy and policies.

At specific phases of the project and before any submittal, all calculations and drawings undergo review by the project manager, and then by the QA/QC manager and company President, Rob Matthews. These multiple reviews assure a varied and in-depth look at the critical phases and important documents for each project.